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Modular IP Surveillance Camera

  • Our modular surveillance systems are based on ONVIF compliant IP cameras.

  • Our IP camera range are integrated with video management solutions like Milestone Xprotect or Pelco VideoXpert VMS.

  • Choose from the world’s best IP camera vendors like AXIS, Mobotix, HIKVision and much more.

  • Typical application areas for our modular systems includes VIP homes and offices, large open spaces such as Airports, Train stations, Market stalls, Large car parks, churches, and Auditoriums. We have a good mix of outdoor, indoor, HD and 4K cameras.

  • High Definition cameras offer great details and depth also implies reduction in the physical cameras required.

  • Additional support to our installation, remote management of the cameras, two-way audio communication, day and night functionalities to support good detection and identification of objects of interest.

Unified Surveillance Camera

We rely solely on the UBNT’s unified video management products to offer our unified surveillance systems. This is cheaper than the modular offering since there is no cost for VMS or NVR licensing.


Some of the features are:

  • Manage Cameras with All-New Cloud Key Gen2 Plus; manage your entire network with UniFi Protect and UniFi Network Controller

  • Designed for easy setup and rapid deployment, the Cloud Key Gen2 Plus is a compact, plug-and-play solution for managing your cameras.

  • Record up to 1600 hours of footage with the included 1 TB hard drive or upgrade the hard drive to store even more video.

  • Upgradeable storage with tool-free tray to 5TB

  • UniFi controller supports up to 20 Full HD Cameras and 10 4K Unifi cameras

  • Free Unifi Software, no need for software or cloud subscription fees

  • Remote Access from anywhere with UniFi Hybrid Cloud

  • Complete Privacy, keep videos fully private on your local disk only


Video Management System

  • XProtect is designed by video surveillance experts and used in business-critical installations such as airports, casinos and more. The solution is also relied on for protection of homes, businesses, schools, and churches.

  • XProtect provides the highest security protection against external and internal cyber security threats. A multitude of security features minimise your exposure to risk by providing secure system access, secure end-to-end evidence handling and secure third-party integration. We call Xprotect VMS the king of camera and security product integration.

  • XProtect supports more than 8,000 different camera models, hardware selection that surely would meets your needs, budget, and whatever your requirements.

  • It supports three flexible viewing clients that ensures you are always in control of your surveillance. Whether occasionally or 24/7 in a business-critical control room with a video wall there is a client to fulfil your needs.

  • With applications, hardware, add-ons, and services from our community of technology partners, you can create the exact system you want.

  • Xprotect several VMS solutions ranging from the free Xprotect Essential, Xprotect Express, Xprotect Professional, Xprotect Expert and Xprotect Corporate. Not sure the right one for you, that is why we are here, complete our contact form or call us lets discuss your surveillance requirements

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