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About Us

We are a technology firm established in August 2015. Our primary area of expertise is the integration of contemporary Internet Technology devices and components to create rewarding and people centric services. These cut across IT security systems like IP Surveillance camera, Intruder Alarm System (IAS), Security guarding, remote site monitoring, secured internet provision, secured email provision and clear support channels to support these services.

Today, arguably we have witnessed an explosion of different security services buoyed by contemporary technologies like the internet of things (IOT). This has driven down the cost of owning security systems and the penetrations of these devices. Conversely, these technologies now require some level of knowledge to be able to decide which technology that will suit the scenario at hand.  We exist to bridge this gap.

We have significant experiences, knowledge, and good understanding on how to integrate several IP cameras from several vendors, 3 IAS vendors and even more IOT/Wi-Fi camera makers. You might think you need an IP camera when an intruder alarm system could better suit your need or vice versa. We will do an initial consultation and talk you through it all. Complete our contact form or call us to discuss your existing or new project.

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